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How Much Water Should I Give My Tree?

This is the #1 question from our customers. A tree needs water on a regular basis, not just once a week. Especially in hot and windy conditions, it should be watered daily. A rule of thumb for watering is 1.4 gallons per diameter inch per day during the growing season, in 70 degrees. 2.8 gallons per diameter inch per day at 80 degrees, and 5.6 gallons per diameter inch per day at 90 degrees. You can see that, as the temperature and wind increase, the amount of transpiration increases dramatically. A transplanted tree does not have the ability to “find” water with a reduced root system, you have to provide water for it.

Do not let your tree become overly stressed. If you notice wilting leaves or loss of leaves, stress is already taking its toll, and the tree needs more regular watering. It should be your goal to not let the tree wilt, although if it does, it does not mean it will die. Observe the grass around the tree parameter. Is it green or brown? If it’s brown, your tree is not getting enough water either.


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